Winter Mountaineering Introduction
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The introductory course will address mountaineering techniques that enable participants to progress safely on snowy ground in steep terrain until 45º - 50º degrees. It aims to give participants the technical resources to safely approach low difficulty and commitment terrain (classic alpinism).

Highlights - Enjoy all the charisma of the winter mountaineering
- Embrace a universe that is a true lifestyle
- Discover the mountains of the central massif of the Iberian Peninsula
- Delight yourself with the great food of the mountain regions of Portugal and Spain

Pre-Requirements – To have experience in sport climbing or have attended the Introduction to Rock Climbing Course or Introduction to Mountaineering Course

Duration 40h
- 8h of theory given in two after work classes
- 32h of practice given in one day of a weekend and three days of an extended weekend

Physical Difficulty

Technical Level


- Alpine terrain and its dangers - Specific safety equipment and its uses - Terrain progression with and without ice axe and crampons - Self arrest training - Safety knots and procedures - Rock and snow anchors - Progression on steep terrain with angles until 45º-50º - Roped glacier progression with intermediate protections - Abseiling and belaying techniques on snow - Bivouac and overnight camp


– Minimum number of participants: 3 – Maximum number of participants: 6


– Support of 1 OUTSIDE instructor per 3 participants – Safety equipment – Training manual and maps – Activity insurance – Bed and Breakfast accommodation (1 night) – Tent overnight stay (2 nights) – 1 breakfast

Not Included

– Transport to activity starting point – Unspecified meals – Specific footwear and clothing – Unspecified overnight material